Many years ago at a psychic fair I was asked to choose one card to be the significator for my life from a set of higher arcana Tarot cards. The card I selected was the death card, symbol of a life of transformation. During my over seventy years of experience in this school room that we call life, I have transformed myself continuously in a multitude of ways. I love growing older for with it comes wisdom gained through experience. I offer you my “ah hah” experiences, most having themes of communication, along with my many blessings.


Magic of Communication

Have you ever thought about the many ways in which we communicate? Not only with other people but with our bodies, with nature, with animals, and with each other through subtle levels of our beings. We have devised so many additional systems of communication as well: languages, symbols, music, science, religion, astrology, numerology, tarot, computers, email, web pages, symbols, pictures and writings to name a few. We transmit ideas through sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste as well as through dreams and telepathic thought transfer. Systems like Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong even speak with our energy bodies. With every move, sound or thought that we make we are broadcasting something to part of our unified being of oneness.

Nana's “Ah Hahs”

This is a most wondrous world we live in. Navigating in it required me to make many changes in my life, some of small noteworthiness but others so momentous that my life has been changed forever. “Ah Hahs” are those sudden intuitive understandings that come to me, often leading in new directions or gifting me with deepened understandings. Many of my “Ah Hahs” have come through reading books. While the following “Ah Hah” incidents are very personal, they often were very profound in their effect. Many years ago I began to perceive that my stories were catalysts for positive change in other people. My gift is being able to provide suggestions to others that they can use as “ah hahs” in their lives. I offer the following articles with my blessings and a wish that they may be beneficial to you as well, preventing you from repeating my mistakes.

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