• A Crocodile Tale
    A children’s story written and illustrated by my sister, Jean MacGregor, a modern fable with an unexpected twist. The book’s central theme is “Be careful what you wish for – you might get it!” and presents a refreshing glance at today’s “beauty at any cost” philosophy and will form the basis of self-esteem discussions in the classroom and at home.

  • What the Eye Reveals
    Perhaps my fascination with eyes began as a result of being partially blinded but
    information and “ah hahs” that I gained through Denny Johnson’s book and workshops certainly enhanced my understanding of myself and others. Learn more about the Rayid Model® of iris, birth order, and family tree dynamics.

  • Attitudinal Healing
    Many years ago in 1980 good fortune led me to discover Gerald Jampolsky’s book Love is Letting Go of Fear. Jerry Jampolsky founded the International Center for Attitudinal Healing.

  • Conative Index
    A simple test that measures the distribution and intensity of my Action Modes®, formerly called the Kolbe Conative Index, (now renamed and updated called the Kolbe A™ Index), showed me I would be much happier working in harmony with my in-born natural drives and be more suited to a management role.

  • Promises and Notable Achievements
    I had attended a number of goal setting type courses such as Monthly Mentor, and
    Success Tracks plus others over the years but none touched me with the “ah hahs” that Bill Bartmann’s book called Billionaire Secrets to Success did. His goal suggestions are so succinct and simple.

  • Releasing Long Held Grief
    I discovered that no matter how long my unexpressed anger and grief has been held within my body it can be released through simple methods such as Core Belief Engineering. This “Ah hah” relieved me of long standing pain.

  • Don't Nuke Your Thyroid
    Mannatech products and other supplements have helped me maintain my thyroid health for over 15 years.

  • You Are Not Sick You AreThirsty
    Dr. Batmanghelidj's pioneering work shows that Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD) contributes to and even produces pain and many degenerative diseases that can be prevented and treated by increasing water intake on a regular basis. When I began adding sea salt and more water to my diet last year my health improved. My blood pressure went down and I am now nearly off of medication. You also can make changes now and ensure yourself a pain free life.

  • Change Your Brain
    Having recognized from completing the tests in Dr. Daniel G. Amen’s book called Change Your Brain, Change Your Life that I have several weak areas of brain activity, I have begun to take the actions he describes to improve my memory and reduce depression. I have also added supplements to my diet to improve my brain health.

  • Say No to Pyramids
    It seems that I was my own worst enemy until I learned that money does not grow on trees or fall out of the blue. I was burned several times by pyramid variations before I caught on. When something appears too good to be true it generally is. Some so called “investment” schemes need to be avoided like the plague.

  • How Not to Invest
    Some of my investment experience came through buying and managing my own real estate portfolio, buying stocks on the internet, taking advice from brokers, purchasing high interest private company bonds, joining an investment club and following investment newsletter guidance. Trusting a friend‘s hot tip was an expensive mistake I made before I took the time to do my own due diligence before investing.
    Article: How Not to Invest
    Book: High Risk Investing is NOT for Amateurs

  • My Journey Back to Truth
    To embrace Truth within requires that I listen to my inner knowing and honestly accept everything in my life as it presently is without any desire to change it. A still heart in the midst of the chaos and upheavals of life will develop providing a peaceful response to experience rather than a reaction to experience.

  • How Religions Begin
    Imre Vallyon, my first spiritual teacher, taught a synthesis of all religions. Indeed I
    learned that all religions sprang from and were based on the spiritual practices of one person, who had become an illumined being living and radiating Truth.

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